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Visual Design

Focused Branding.

Our visual design services allow you to create a cohesive, branded message for all your meeting participants. Certificates, badges, virtual backgrounds, handouts -- all the ways you're "seen" during a meeting - you name it, we can design it.
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Meeting Management

Every last detail.

Whether your meeting is via our virtual meeting portal or face-to-face, we work to ensure it flows effortlessly. From registration and training to technical support and reporting - we pay attention to the details to make your meeting flawless.
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Planning Services

With years of healthcare experience, we know how to build investigator meetings.  Creating a plan that is flexible, accounts for your budget, and meets your education and regulatory needs is our strength.  We plan virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid meetings in countries all over the world.

Visual Design Services

Our design services provide you with an easy way to send a clear and cohesive message visually to all your meeting attendees. We can help you to think through all of the touchpoints and create materials that are branded and on-message from certificates to virtual backgrounds.  

Meeting Execution Services

We provide logistics and support for every kind of healthcare event from local roundtables to global investigator meetings.  Our staff is trained to support both virtual meetings and face-to-face events and we manage all of the details and follow-up required to make the meeting run flawlessly.  Quite simply – we make meetings feel easy.

Our Service Promise

We deliver exceptional results


We understand the healthcare industry and the compliance requirements for your meetings. We are trained regularly and offer complete reporting for your records.


Our goal is to deliver your perfect meeting. Our detail- and results-oriented project management allows us to be flexible while still achieving your goals.


The nature of your business is sensitive and we take your privacy seriously. We are committed to protecting your business and the privacy of your meeting attendees.


We are a globally-minded team that understands the many cultures with which we work. We deliver our exceptional customer service with respect and professionalism.

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